Nous Trois Ou Rien

A film by Kheiron

Cast: Kheiron, Leïla Bekhti, Gérard Darmon

English: All there of us (Technically the correct tradition All three of us or nothing

We first meet a young Hibat in 1955, growing up as a one of 12 children, in southern Iran. As he gets older, Hibat (Kheiron) grows up into a brilliant student, but also becomes politicised, angry at the oppressive rule of the Shah. He becomes a leftist who created manifestation  and soon finds himself in prison, serving a ten-year sentence for political activism. He served only 7 years of it. By the time he leaves prison the Ayatollahs rising and is not the kind of revolution Hibat hoped for. He meets and falls in love with the beautiful Fereshteh (Leïla Bekhti), however, any future life together, as well as the safety of their newly born son, Hibat has to leave Iran because he is targeted as a political activist which the military is looking for him. So he seek refuge in Turkey throughout the mountain once there is again he finds himself persecuted for his political beliefs. So he goes to France to seek political asylum.

Here is a light-hearted comedy and a classic tale of an immigrant and he journey into an other country that comes with the struggle of to adapt to life in a new country. Kheiron, a French comedian directs and stars in this film, based on the true story of his own father, who defected to France in 1983. Instead of doing a serious film about it Kheiron decided to turn it into a comedy , yes back then what was going on in Iran was not pretty but instead of going there the film goes an other way. Kheiron is a comedian so there he thought it would be nice to do a bit here and some of you might not like it too much. Of course there is some seriousness in the film like Some of it like in prison Hibat’s brutal beatings and solitary confinement for refusing to eat cake in prison to “celebrate” the Shah’s birthday, and later the young couple’s escape from Iran to Istanbul across an mountainous landscape, isn’t remotely funny or meant to be. There is a little problem that I have with the film when it starts in Iran everybody speaks French not Arabic and when they get to France they speak French not to worry first it is a comedy with drama and second it just a movie that what I said to myself. It is a nice touching humanity story that won the price for best director in Tokyo.


Nous Trois Ou Rien


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