SPECTRE (2015)


A film by Sam Mendes 

Cast: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci

With casino the studio one back to the novel of Ian Flemming. they kept it going so far and Craig has been lucky enough to be part of it. Last year Skyfall has pulled the numbers and the most profitable Bond ever a billion some dollars it is crucial that they do not miss the next one.

Bond act as a rogue agent. Following instructions left on a DVD by the late previous M (Judi Dench), Bond has been tracking down members of a mysterious organisation, and following a pre-credits ‘incident’ in Mexico City, he’s suspended from duty. Is that going to stop bond? no what so ever Bond is going to look into it some more with the assistance of Q (Ben Wishaw).

The film starts with some quite spectacular cinematography in Mexico where they celebrate the day of the dead. In one shot we follows two people in costumes into a hotel room, they reveal themselves to each other and then the girl says “where are you going “ of course the replied from Bond is “I’ll be back” and he jump off the window unto the ledge to do well you know. And that there sets up the film very well. Since from Casino they went back to the old formula not doing over the top stunts with explosion after an other. They stuck within the books which was smart to do. However the cast the film well Lea Seydoux and Monica Belushi. One plays the nice widow the other has is cold but yet has deep feelings for Bond well she has two sides. The cinematography and the location are out of this world of course there is the fine Christopher Waltz who does an outstanding job here as always. Dave Bautista does well there is the perfect role for him. I am going to say this in a good way I expected a little more here but did not get it, I am not saying that the film was not good it is a very good film but it needed a little paper in the sauce sort of speak. I still enjoyed it. I hope you will too.




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