A film by Robert Guédiguian

Cast: Simon Abkarian, Ariane Ascaride, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet

English title: Don’t Tell Me the Boy Was Mad

Selection Officiel de Cannes. 

Set in the 1980s, Une Histoire de Fou  examines the fallout of the Armenian genocide and its continued influence on subsequent generations. Although loosely based on real events, the story is embellished and fictionalised by Robert Guédiguian who wrote a cautionary tale the violence and the methods of the Armenians fighters. A sense of patriotism for his Armenian roots leads Aram (Syrus Shahidi), a young man from Marseilles, to conspire in the assassination of a Turkish ambassador. But in the process a innocent bystander got hurt and lost the use of his legs. Aram flees from France and joins the Liberation Army in Beirut to continue fighting for “the cause”, but soon finds he questioned his own ideals and those of his comrades.

Here is a mother who tries to encourage her son about her belief and soon she regrets it. as soon as she heard that her son has hurt an innocent bystander she became concern for the well being of that person not realizing that she had done. Her son is in Beirut now and she misses him big time and hoped not too encourage him like did. Part of her thinks it is her fault and feels guilty. In going to see the young man who is hurt from the wounds of her son a relationship begins to form between the young man and her family. Here Guédiguian involves the audience in the background of the story. I quite forgot this history of it so in watching this film i got to learn a few things. Adam’s has radical and passionate views that later is going to be questioned. An interesting film here.


un histoire de fou


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