L’HERMINE (2015)

L'hermine (2015)











A film by Christian Vincent

Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Michaël Abiteboul, Claire Assali, Chloé Berthier

English title; Courted 

the Meaning of Hermine is a strip of fur attached to ceremonial costume of some magistrates.

A father (Victor Pontecorvo) stands accused of having kicked his seven-month-old daughter to death with his combat boots.The mother of his child, Jessica (Miss Ming), sits in the court, is a  damaged wreck and maybe medicated. Racine (Fabrice Luchini) is in his own domaine and good at his job. Some of his colleague likes him other not so much.

As racine correct a witness it is Mr. President not Mr. Judge. we get a lesson in court and you will learn about the French court system and how it work a little bit anyway. Racine is going through a friendly divorce. One day as he calls the six jury he read the name of a womana Danish anaesthetist (Sidse Babett Knudsen) whom he met while having his hip operation, and is shocked to see called onto his jury. Later he sees her in a restaurant and invite her for a drink. “It’s unconventional, but not illegal,” he says to her. Although in the states it is illegal as I recall.

Here is a very human romantic comedy somewhat. Here is where Fabrice Luchini won an oscar at the Venice Film Festival. You see the jury a bunch of odd people an Arabic woman who is with her cousin, Mr. funny  guy, a woman who loves to talk and makes comment there and there and so on. It is a simple tale here a little bit of court drama and romance in the mix. Here Luchini shines great actor as well as Sidse Babett Knudsen who plays on Borgen the series in Denmark. Here her French is perfect with little accent to none, which by the way I did’t know that she spoke French. There are three kind of woman I like the Canadian, the Swedish, and the Danish. Ditte’s relationship with her teenage daughter is  believable is a matter a fact she step the show. It is nice to see a teenage who is not problematic.

L'hermine (2015)








L'hermine (2015)




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