A film by Laurent Larivière

Cast : Louise Bourgoin, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Anne Benoît 

English: I am a soldier. 

Un Certain regard Cannes Film Festival.

30-year-old Sandrine is kicked out of her Paris apartment and has to wait three months to get her deposit, so she moves back to northern France to her single, cash-strapped mother where her sister and her husband and their are living there also. More out of necessity than family obligation, her Uncle Henri (Jean-Hugues Anglade), a  dog breeder, agrees to let her work at his kennel, spraying down the cages and feeding dozens of puppy dogs. They later are sold to pet store.

It becomes very clear where this is going after Sandrine had discovered a puppy dead. They go the Belgium  border to buy a crateful of dogs from Eastern Europe, before heading to a veterinarian who forges documentation in exchange of big bucks. Her uncle warns her not a word to the family.


Here is a film title from the song of Johnny Hallyday version of the 1960s pop hit “Mr. Lonely”. Well Sandrine here is the soldier she is following orders. And yet she knows it is wrong to get in this business but the money becomes handy. she pays for the rent at her mother’s house plus some of the groceries. The tone of the film is social realism, crime done à la thriller here. I have not seen a film on the back market of dogs so far only this one and it stand out. Some funny moment with the veterinarian who waits for Sandrine in his office naked. A romantic approach not seen yet on screen. Worth a look here.

Je suis un soldat 2


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