L’Etudiante et Monsieur Henri 3

A film by Ivan Calbérac

Cast: Claude Brasseur, Guillaume de Tonquedec, Noémie Schmidt

English: The student and Mr. Henry. 

Here is a comedy where a grouch old man is forced to share an apartment with a student who is penny less. Nothing original there but Calbérac throw a few curve ball to spice it up a bit a smart move there. The chemistry between Brasseur and the young Swiss actress Noémie Schmidt raises the film to another level making it funny.

Due to his fragile state of health, Monsieur Henri (Claude Brasseur) can no longer live alone in his Parisian apartment and reluctantly agrees to rent out a spare room to a student (Schmidt). Well it links like come to find out that Mr. Henry and Constance has somethings in common a lot more than they think. Henri feels he’s missed out on the opportunity to lead the life he wanted, while Constance’s self-doubt mode due to his father always criticizing her. Henry is not impressed by the academic nor the lack of money that constance has but an idea comes ion mind it looks like they need each other Constance need the room and Henry does need constance to ruin the marriage of his son because he does not like her and is no good for his son. And there the comedy takes off. They also learn about each other to a certain degree and encourage each other. You have here a script well constructed and a bunch of terrific actor like Brasseur who shines here and what a great actor he is. Schmidt does hold her own with Brasseur. Like I say sometimes let the fire works begin.

L’Etudiante et Monsieur Henri 2

L’Etudiante et Monsieur Henri


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