A film by Thomas Bidegain

Cast: François Damiens, Finnegan Oldfield, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, john C. Reilly

François Damiens stars as Alain, a hardheaded father and husband in rural France whose 16-year-old daughter, Kelly, disappears at the end of a long day of country western themed country festival in 1994. Documents are found in the girl’s room suggesting that she has been radicalized while her parents weren’t looking, and Alain proceeds into vigilantism mode and is outrage by the police investigation that goes no where. It seems that she has a boyfriend who is Arab. The father becomes obsessed with finding her. In an freak accident where the father drive on the highway doze off and gets killed.

Now after that I was wondering where the story is going to go. There is one thing I didn’t expect. Than the second half of the film begins years has past and the war on terror has been declared Kelly’s younger brother, Georges (Finnegan Oldfield) is an aid worker in the Afghanistan war for the sole purpose of tracking his sister. john C. Reilly has a small role is in the headhunter that Georges meets. It is an emotional journey here that Georges is going to take for the better or worst. It is a touchy situation as the director takes us on this journey with some surprise along the way.




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