Knight of Cups (2015)2

A film by Terrence Malick

Cast: Joe Manganiello, Natalie Portman, Teresa Palmer, Christian Bale

Here is the latest film by Malick that is a visual symphony for the melancholy of modern life, with a touch of poetry in a world of mass consumerism.

Rick (Christian Bale) who is quite the adventurous type has trouble finding love and holding on to it. He goes from one relationship after another and trying to understand the conflicted feelings he has towards his distant father. In this one Malick’s approach uses a distinctive cinematographic approach that is fluid, repetitive, with dreamlike imagery. It is almost like you are in a constant dream state floating through the air. You will see Ricks walking after a woman pursuing her, capturing her, hold hands, then in a other frame he will be with an other woman, or at a hollywood party, still waking around from woman to woman so times talking to friends of his that are males. There are a strings of stars in this film who are doing small roles. There is no dialogue Malick uses whispers voice over and it might seems a little weird at first. Malick does not do a film like anybody else that is not what he is about and many of you might not like this film, ok it is not his best but it stands out.

Knight of Cups (2015)

Knight of Cups (2015)3


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