Bridge of spy

A film by Steven Spielberg

Cast: Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Alan Alda 

During the cold war a lawyer is recruited to defend a soviet spy in court. Then help the CIA to facilitate an exchange of an American spy detained in the Soviet Union Francis Gary Powers, who was captured flying an American U2 spy plane.

Spielberg captures the arc of a man who is caught up in something bigger than himself and somehow rises to the occasion. And yes he has done it many times but this time it is based on a true story. Jim Donovan (Tom Hanks), an insurance lawyer called into duty by his government when the  painter, a man named Rudolph Abel (Mark Rylance), is captured for the crime of espionage against the United States on behalf of the USSR. Yes it is 1957 and kids back then was learning about the nuclear war and how to protect themselves if that was to be happening. Like I said that was back in the day. Donovan is asked to serve as Abel’s defense attorney by his boss (Alan Alda), who just wants Donovan to be a warm body to the Soviet spy so he can think he had a good defense but he will be found guilty any way. To keep the story short here they were suppose to hang him but Donovan argues that Abel not only represents valuable political currency, which could come in handy if the US ever needs to negotiate with the Russians, but also that Abel should be treated as we would want any American POW to treated in turn. Yeah like the soviet at the time is going to treat a US soldier with decency. There is two more stories there that are going to merge and complicated things a bit.

As for Donavan discovers that the world of espionage is really about deal-making. The tension is build up thought the film which has a blueish feel to it. The attention to detail for the costume as well as the decor inside and outside is breathtaking here. I except that from Spielberg. It has some realism here as you watch the film.Look at the colors distinguishing the United States from Germany. In the States life is good so the colors are brighter but when you come to Germany the color are darker and depressive. Here hawks delivers the role perfectly well and what an actor he has become he gets better and better. He finds his balance here by not over playing it. The Cohen brothers and Matt Charman has done a wonderful job here on the screenplay. As for Spielberg well here it is Bridge of Spies you have seen this film before in the 40’s film in an other word it is done in a classic mode but at the start of his career Spielberg didn’t do his film in that manner he experimented with them then as time went by he went back to the old formula toward the end of his career, do not get me wrong he is one of the greatest director and never miss a beat. But I wish he would of keep experimenting with film. Most director has done that nothing new here. Great film here do not miss this one.

Bridge of spies2

Bridge of spies3

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