youth of the  Beast 2

A film by Seijun Suzuki

Cast: Jô Shishido, Misako Watanabe, Tamio Karachi

Joji Mizuno (Jo Shishido) is former cop who was framed by the Yakuza and sent to prison. Joji decides to uncover the truth behind his friend’s death when a friend of his turns up dead as part of an apparent double suicide. In his search for the truth Joji turn the two rival Yakuza clans against each other as he uses each side for his own gain. Will the Yakuza find out about his double dealings before he can find his friends murderer?

This film is the sleekest and coolest from Seijun Suzuki who has done a little cameo at the beginning of the film which is in black and white his trade mark. The scene at the night club is brilliant Suzuki uses the shot in the club where there is jazz music and people talking, there he shows the next room who is downstairs in the office where you see the people dancing to the music but the thing is that the office is sound proof he uses that to build the tension. At the time violence against woman  is seen here he experimented with film and that back then was rarely seen. There is a seen where Yakuza taunts his girlfriend who is hooked on dope as she crawls across the floor. Also where a Yakuza is a sadist and can’t get off until he brutally beats his girlfriend that was never done in film before. Mizen here turns the two gang against each other which has been copied many times after that in many films. Yes there is action shooting scene of course.

I love those old gangster film you get to see the old japan back in the 60’s plus the costumes and the cars that they are driving. The score is jazz here back then the jazz score was in the 50’s 60’s films. Here is a sleek film that you should miss plus it has influenced many directors like Tarantino , John woo, Scorsese.

youth of the beast

Youth of  Beast_original



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