21 nuits avec Pattie (2015)

21 nuit with pattie-3

A film by Arnaud Larrieu,  Jean-Marie Larrieu

Cast: Isabelle Carré, Karin Viard, André Dussollier

English: 21 nights with Pattie

This film is an elusive, poetic journey into the woods and it is part of the charm. Caroline Montez (Isabelle Carré) goes to this village where her mom passed away, where habitants leave front doors unlocked, doze in the grass at night, swim naked in a pool and are unperturbed by ghosts. Caroline quickly learns of her mother’s wild reputation.

Caroline meet thee other villagois Isabelle’s housekeeper Pattie ( Karin Viard), Jean-Marc (Philippe Rebbot), the priapic Andre (Denis Lavant), local gendarme Pierre (Laurent Poitreneau) and Pattie’s own flirtatious young son Kamil (Jules Ritmanic). Before the funeral the body of Caroline’s mother mysteriously disappears and to top it all off it does not fade the others who continues to eats, drink (yes wine) and goes on about their business. Pattie and her graphic, sexually explicit monologues sets up the story and it is hilarious as hell. There is a word that keeps on surfacing here necrophilia maybe there is one on the loose so the villagers and the police thinks. Karin Viard steal the show here big time she is a Libertine as they come, and will tell her sexual exploit to every body who is interested. Pattie’s son on the other hand is attracted to Caroline and is a little flirtatious. Isabelle Carré here delivers the role perfectly well, plus the chemistry between Caroline and Pattie is well balanced. Here is a nice poetic journey from Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu.




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