in the heart of the sea-3

A film by Ron Howard

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson

Yes it is Herman Melville’s whaling classic “Moby Dick” coming to life by director Ron Howard. John Huston as done this film in 1956 I have not seen that one yet so if I find a copy I will let you know how it is. For now I am sticking with this one. It is based on the true story of the doomed vessel Essex which ran into one whale that refused to be turned into oil. Back then they needed to for heat and candle wax.

Melville himself played by Ben Whishaw, who arrives in Nantucket to interview drunken former sailor Tom Nickerson (Brendan Gleeson) about his traumatic experience on the Essex years ago as a new kid on the boat kid (Tom Holland). Nickerson is reluctant to relive the horrors of three decades past, but encouraged by his wife (Michelle Fairley) and the need for some cash, he gives in and the tale is told in flashback.

Hemsworth plays stalwart seaman Owen Chase, whose promise of captaining the Essex who has been passed over by George Pollard (Benjamin Walker), who gets the job because of his family legacy. Chase is a farmer anyhow but want to prove himself that he can lead his own boat. Yes there is some tension between Chase and Pollard right off the bat and yet Pollard had to gain the respect of the crew. The film goes into the hunt of the whales and the dangers of it. Later it focuses on the survival of the crew when the ship sank. The thing they had to endure in order to survive.  There is one thing missing but I still like the film is the burning passion between whale and man. Other then that it is fine. I have to read the book which I have not read yet. I have it on my Kindle but did get to it yet. I can back to you on that one.

in the heart of the sea-2

in the heart of the sea











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