the president last bang

A film by Sang-soo Im

Cast: Jae-ho Song, Suk-kyu Han, Yun-shik Baek

Based on the true story of President Park Chung-hee and the events leading up to his assassination in 1979.

Here is a touchy situation for director Sang-soo Im he knew that the government was not crazy of him telling the story. Plus they cut 4 minutes of the film, which now has the uncut version of the film on DVD that is the one that I watched. Sang-soo Im has film that one in between the Godfather and Good Fellows. like a thriller but with brutal force and bloody.President Park Chung-hee survived several assassination attempts, including two operations associated with North Korea, Park was eventually assassinated on 26 October 1979 by Kim Jae-gyu, the chief of his own security services.

Geuddae geusaramdeul the original title for the film actually means The People of That Time. The story is narrated by Kim Jae-gyu point of views when he decided he is going to kill the president and his guards, the thing is going to go in motion with some resistance from his man but Kim but them in their place and the execution goes forward. There are some comic moment in the film. Kim and his soldier shows no fear not even remorse of what they have done. Nether does the director he wrote the project himself and film it his own way . When the studio saw the film the rug was pulled out under their feet. The biggest distribution of film in Korea said to him they were pulling out of it. Luckily he found some one else and suddenly other countries bought it. It is not an easy film for his country to watch or for anyone for that matter. ironically Park’s first-born daughter, Park Geun-hye, is the current President of South Korea.

the president's last bang

the president's last bang-2


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