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la vie tres privee de Mr. sim

A film by Michel Leclerc

Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Isabelle Gélinas, Vimala Pons

English: The very private life of Mr. Sim

Mr Sim is not interesting. This is at least what he thinks of himself. His wife left him, his job left him and when he goes to see his father in Italy, he does not even take the time to eat lunch  with him. He then receives an unexpected proposal: travel across France to sell toothbrushes that will “revolutionize the oral hygiene.” And the adventure begin.

François Simon (Jean-Pierre Bacri) has the perfect profile of guy who’s life has passed him by. His marriage failed as well as his professional life, friends are not lining up to spend time with him, and even his own family seems to have forgotten him. Unemployed recluse in a modest suburban apartment, the anti-hero and spends his days spying on his ex-wife on the internet, until a company specializing in dental hygiene offers to leave on the  Riviera to promote the benefits of eco brush teeth (hazel wood and boar bristle, please!). I want  one yeah! right and he thinks it is going to sell itself. In a beautiful black Peugeot 3000, this unexpected trip is an opportunity for Francis, long look in the rearview mirror of his life … and ours.

Here is a different kind of road movie that has the trade mark of this director named Michel Leclerc who seems to have this imagination that is flowing out of him. The screenplay is written very well, focuses on conflicts between the characters. Seasoned tasty dialogues, it is they who give the film the dynamic of a  steady pace. But they also wake up Mr. Sim psychic conflicts far asleep. Along his his car with a female voice GPS the man embark on this journey of finding friends and well as new one plus looking at his own adolescence will try to reconnect with an old flame, well I said will try to reconnect, plus looking at some family secret that will surface thought his journey. It is to forgive oneself from the past and to regain faith in the future. Here is a magifique balade with a lesson of life and humanity.





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