A film by Éric Besnard

Cast: Virginie Efira, Benjamin Lavernhe, Lucie Fagedet

At the heart of the Drôme Provençale, Louise is raising her two children and trying to preserve the family farm, well her husband die and left her the farm.  One evening driving home she almost runs over a man. The man quickly reveals that he si different from most people. And his sense of wonder could change the life of Louise and her family.

We discover at random from an unlikely collision with a car that very quickly the life of Louise and her family will change because of that one incident. The man here disrupt the daily life of this woman and her family well because he himself is a little odd. Some critique killed this film but to me here the film is a little odd and different and sometimes different people does not react well with it. You can not help see the terrific performance from Benjamin Lavernhe (de la Comédie Française) his performance is so naive and yet so truthful. He brings a little breath of fresh air to the relationship. Beyond his spontaneity and his simplicity he is very talented in math and is very good at hacking. Yes there is a sub-plot to ensure a happy ending here. Louise has problem with the bank who wants the property if they can’t get paid. Eric Bernard here is like e poet who is telling us a fairy tale of sort. This film to me his a breath of fresh air , this light comedy of a fairy tale is delightful film that one must not miss.


le gout des mervielles


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2 thoughts on “LE GOÛT DES MERVEILLES (2015)

  1. David Pritchard on said:

    I can’t find the recent English- subtitled version online anywhere ! Please can you help ?


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