the happiest girl in the world

A film by Radu Jude

Cast: Andreea Bosneag, Doru Catanescu, Alexandru Georgescu

Delia, a young Romanian girl, drives to Bucharest with her parents to collect a brand new car she won in a contest. The parents wants her to sell the car to do other thing with it, but Delia wants the car to go to the beach with her friends.

Here is a simple story of a girl who won a car from a soft drink company who want her to do a commercial for the product before she signs off the deal to get the car that she won. you get to see her to do a commercial that is going to take the all day because the boss of the soft drink company want her to smile more, speak up, and drink more of the product followed by a big smile, the girl on the other hand is trying to do her best but her mind is elsewhere where her parents want to sell the car to get the money to do something else with it. You will see the dispute with her father and mother trying to get her to sale the car while she is making the commercial. It is pure and simple story that will click with the audience and you will see how it is difficult to shoot a commercial with the director who is pulling is hair out trying to keep it together, it is  not all fun and games.The director based the film after his own experience when shooting a similar commercial with a somewhat difficult girl. A dramatic comedy at its best.




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3 thoughts on “THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (2009)

  1. Whoa, sounds very interesting! Is it in Romanian or French? Thank you for review! Good job!! –Paul


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