A film by Rudi Rosenberg

Cast: Réphaël Ghrenassia, Joshua Raccah, Géraldine Martineau

English Title: The new kid. 

Here is the thing about adolescent film it is exaggerated,  most of them has stupid jokes and are over the top. But here Rosenberg who wrote carefully the script did not go there at all instead he wrote a smart story with realism into it. It is carefully executed with attention with details.By reproducing the world of children entering adolescence in a very simple way and incorporating a series of minor everyday occurrences it will make you laugh and sometimes you heart will break. I have to admit it is well done by Rosenberg as well as his actors who delivers the role of their life.

The premise is this Benoit is 13 tears-old and as normal as can be. He’s a bit shy and wants to make friends so that he can stop worrying about where to sit in the school canteen and wandering around on his own trying to make friends which is not easy for a shy kid. Should be try to attach himself to the ‘popular kids’ who make fun of him? Try and get on with the misfits? Have a party? Smart script from the director because it was never done like this before. But the young Benoit has a crush on this Swedish girl who barely speak french and yes there will be moments of be betrayals ,Laughter, crying, choosing side, and so on. The thing is the film at times will be unpleasant to watch you will close your eyes and said to yourself “ho! my god”. Some of you will related to the film like I did because I was the shy kid in school. I usually hang around with the smart kids. The story takes a few turn here and there. Do not miss this film it is a jewel.


le nouveau-2


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