je compte sur vous

A film by Pascal Elbé

Cast: Vincent Elbaz, Julie Gayet, Zabou Breitman

English: I am counting on you. 

I don’t know what title it is going to be in english but I put the translation there up top.

Ok then Gilbert Chikli is an actual con artist who con bank 1à years ago ,it is loosely base on his life. Elbé has written the script was going to put himself in but instead he wanted to concentrate on the directing so-called Vincent Elbaz for the role to incarnated Gilbert Chikli and did he do a great job here.

Gilbert Perez (Vincent Elbaz) with the help of his friends and some phone numbers and cell phones was able to talk to people who work at the bank to give them money a lots of money doing this  from Tel Aviv. Of course he can not go back to France he is wanted over there. However he does go back to get the money from this woman who works at the bank. But he has this brilliant idea one day in order to get the money why don’t he get a bank off shore so they can get it in the bank without going back to France every time. In order to do that he goes to bed with some terrorist group who has an account in China. Of course they take a percentage of the take. All thing considered things are very good for Perez. Needles to say his wife played by Julie Gayet (who by the way is going out with President of France) is clueless about her husband work, she thinks he has a regular job.

Here is a man who loved to rip off people he did not want to be restarted and behind a desk. The film is fast paced but the director never revealed too much even in the interview on how if the con did happen in real life. Here you do not sympathies with the characters not even with the wife. Of course there is more to the story but I do not like to reveal too much. There is 2 part of their story. With Perez for him the sky is the limit but one thing he should have done is to listen to his brother. There is a flash back were you will understand what kind of kid Perez was. Most of the critiques did not like this film but some how I did. I guess it kind of grew on me.





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