A  film by Zhangke Jia

Cast: Tao Zhao, Yi Zhang, Jing Dong Liang

Here I go it is 1999 in China where 3 friends are having the time of their life partying and working. Liang (Liang Jingdong), a broke but content coal miner; The rich and ruthless Jingsheng (Zhang Yi) and Tao (Zhao Tao) a bubbly young woman and daughter who works in the family store; When suddenly Jingsheng makes an enemy of Liang by purchasing his coal mine and warning him to stay away from Tao. Liang  leaves the village, leaving Tao and Jigsheng are getting married. The story moves up to 2014 where Tao has a son later  the story takes us to 2025 where Jingsheng and his son are in Australia.

1999 is shot in 4:3  ratio ; 2014 in 16:9 ; and 2025 in 2.35:1 . Here is a film about relationship that will takes us in a space of 26 years. As the years progress so is the technologies and people change, Jingsheng the father of dollar (yes that dos is son is named) went from hungry  business capitalist man to an estrange father that his son can not recognize anymore. As for the other friend well he has health problem due to the fact that he used to be a coal miner. Of course other relationship will form as we go along the fact is the matter is that here Tao let go her son with his father in order for him to have a better life because she thinks she can not give him anything.  In an other word human relationship is hard the mother thinks she can’t give hm anything here is her first mistake later the son who is trying to find her and wants to see her or does he? The father who is lost in his own world with a collection of guns. The family is spreading apart further and further and it is so hard to repair things or undo them. The director is making a point from the beginning you can see it in the eyes of the director with the fear of where is going China who is falling into capitalism head first and became this super power.


moutain may depart


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