CREED (2015)


A film by Ryan Coogler

Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson

Here it is they went back to the old formula of the first rocky but instead now Rocky is on the side line and an other boxer will take his place and follow his father’s legacy . There is also the famous boxer who gives our hero the boxing match chance of a lifetime. With these elements, “Creed” then manipulates them differently by playing on our expectations before occasionally surprising us. It is a crowd-pleaser that takes the time to tell and develop the characters as in the first Rocky. Yes there is a quietly effective moments as there are stand-up-and-cheer moments is a matter a fact a woman sitting next to me jump up and cheer (seriously) and they are handle with skills on both side of the camera not an easy thing to do. Ok the film is predictable but pay attention to Stallone giving the right director the dude is a wonderful actor here.

Adonis Johnson an orphan  is visited in juvenile hall by Apollo Creed’s widow, Mary Anne ( Phylicia Rashad). Mary Anne adopts the young man. Mary Anne raises him as her own, Donnie’s resentment about being in the shadow of a famous man he never knew that never goes away. Donnie here has learned how to fight by himself and fighting in Mexico for money on the week end. He is not interested in the white collar job where he go a good education and a great job to secure his future but instead he wants to fights. He goes to Philadelphia to find Rocky to see if he can train him. Coogler here turn the tables here is a rich kid who want to go boxing never in real life there is been a rich man who got into boxing that I know so far. Of course there is a love interest in our story the beloved Bianca who is a singer / composer. The film is well written here and is as good as the first Rocky and yes ladies and gentlemen Sylvester Stallone can act even through  in emotion in the mix. Here he plays the mentor and trainer of the kid. Coogler has gave us a new hero wonderfully played by Micheal  B. Jordan. Check out the end of the film and you will go ok then but I knew where that was going the only logical ending there and what a beautiful end for a film.




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