House of time-2

A film by Jonathan Helpert

Cast: David Atrakchi, Laura Boujenah, Esther Comar

Robert d’Eglantine, a creator of video games, quantum physics specialist, invites his friends to his castle  in the country to share his experience … According to his calculations, at 11:37 p.m., a flaw will open in the space continuum time and will project them 70 years back in time, in May 1944, during the German occupation. Is it stage or is it real. The events that take place during their stay could change the course of time …

For his first film Helpert has surround himself with actors that are not well-known.  House Of Time, we follow  a group of young people invited by Robert Enfantine, a quantum physics specialist, to live an extraordinary experience. Because according to him, at a key moment of the evening, a temporal glitch  will open and they can be back in time, in May 1944. For a while into the film we take a plunge where we are doubting ourselves, is it for real or is it just stage? As the film goes on you are still doubting yourself it will stay with you for a while. Here the writer has use his imagination and did it in such a way that you never seen it like this before. It became an original story about time traveling. It defies all the films that you already seen of this genre. What I like about this Helpert is not using special effect none what so ever. The actors are doing an outstanding job here. It is a Thriller, Sci-Fi, Romance kind of film with a bit of humor that works well here.




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