A film by Susanne Bier

Cast: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ulrich Thomsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas 

English Title: A second chance. 

I do love Danish thriller because they the writers as–has come up with a brilliant idea for a film. A cop thriller like you never seen before. It has come in theater just this week but was made last year, well I don’t know.

Simon and Andreas, policemen are best friends,they lead very different lives. Andreas has a blossomed relationship with his beautiful wife and their newborn. Simon, recently divorced, ending his evenings getting drunk in dark bars in the city. One morning while they were alerted to domestic dispute, Andreas finds a baby abandoned in the closet of a junkies’s couple. The case, which traumatizes the young father, will have unintended repercussions on his private life.

Here is the tricky thing I will not reveal too much of this film because i do not want to give it away. The premise of the film has a high concept and finally a director has tackled it. Well nobody wanted to get in this subject matter. witnessing the living conditions Tristan and Sanne have inflicted on their infant son, it’s impossible not to take Andreas’ side, dubious as his actions are. After the fact that will set in motion the event and the twist that is perfectly executed by Bier. I came out of the movie theater going here is a great film and an original idea came out of the subject matter of this film.

a second chance-2

A second chance-3


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