LE CONVOI (2016)


A film by Frédéric Schoendoerffer

Cast: Benoît Magimel, Reem Kherici, Tewfik Jallab

English: The convoy.

A go-fast dynamic that does not upset the genre, but that effectively contributes with its cocktail of violence and paranoia.

A Go-Fast is organized of seven man in four cars with 1,2 tone of cannabis who goes from Malaga in southern Spain, going to Creil in the suburb of Paris. But Alex, Yassin Majid and the others, what would have been an ordinary convoy will become a disaster. Seven man but soon a woman, Nadia, a young French tourist who goes on a trip to Morocco, although she embarked on the adventure because she was the wrong place at the wrong time. Plus they transport something unexpected. Will they get to there and reach the border passed the custom without a scratch?

le convoi

A road movie voluble and nervous on highways leading from Spain to France, mix in some paranoia and you got a fast paced film thriller like a la French. A delicious scent that floats on the road of this thriller. Magical succeed here along in his car where later in the film he will encounter his destiny. The dialogue with the other young actors is fresh for the suburb of Paris and fly back and forth. The film will take a turn a sort of a twist but I knew that so it is a bit predictable but watchable plus an unlikely friendship will form towards the end.

le convoi2



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