A film by Joachim Lafosse

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Louise Bourgoin, Valérie Donzelli

English: White knights. 

In 2007, individuals associated with charity group Zoé’s Ark were charged with child abduction in Chad. Their intention was to have the children placed into foster families in France, and this film is not based on a true story it is a fictional story based on what happen in 2007.

White knights here will demonstrate the difficulty and the obstacle that the NGO has in other countries. Here it is it is a hell of a subject matter done with excellence, it has some twist in the story and some of it will run your stomach upside down. Here is a team from “Move for Kids” who goes to Africa to retrieves kids that are Orphan because the rebels killed their parents and there is the twist that is going to go into play. Of course there is the question of the paper work in order to bring the child to France. Lafosse will show you the difficulties that they will have to over come plus the negotiations with the village Chief. The film has a documentary feel to it which the director is very agile with his camera to build the tension slowly. Lindon has the other actors has pulled their weight and filled the role well. Good choice to bring Vincent Lindon on board here. It is a gripping film that at times will make you a bit uncomfortable.

les chevaliers blanc-2



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One thought on “LES CHEVALIERS BLANCS (2015)

  1. Wow! Sounds very interesting!! Thank you!!! –Paul

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