MIA MADRE (2015)


A film by Nanni Moretti

Cast: Margherita Buy, John Turturro, Giulia Lazzarini

Margherita is a director filming a movie whose main role is played by a famous American actor. She is facing with a crisis her mother is in the hospital and her daughter is becoming an adolescent and her brother is always impeccable. Despise it all will Margherita   finish her film and come to term with her dying mother while juggling a daughter going through puberty?


Moretti, who apparently lost his own mother while making We Have a Pope, simply observes Margherita getting on with life as best she can. The movie must be completed while her mother is in the hospital and while her daughter is trying to through adolescence plus Margherita who is busy is trying to make time to see her mother and tells her daughter to make time with her grandmother because she does not know how long she has. It is rare here that a film is supporting morality as well as death with grief and loss. A combination that no other director want to tackle.Turturro, playing in Italian almost throughout, is very funny especially when he forgets his line. Moratti manages to, avoid the clichés. Here unfortunately a director who has lost his mother in real life while filming his movie turns around and writes this fictional story who stand out. Meanwhile here is an american actor who shines in this film trying to speaks in Italian and saying that he has worked with Kubrick plus the dancing and many hilarious segments.No surprise that the film earned an eight-minute standing ovation at Cannes.



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One thought on “MIA MADRE (2015)

  1. moretti è troppo formalista e le sue ossessioni da surrealiste sono ricadute in ambito cristiano un peggioramento orrendo degno dei tempi che sono


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