A film by Ettore Scola

Cast: Ugo Tognazzi, Silvia Dionisio, Tano Cimarosa

Here is a neat little film. A police commissioner in a little town in the Italian Venetian province investigates a prostitution ring run by two dudes; during his investigations he also learns that a former manicurist shacks up with ten students, the chief of police ’s daughter is a  prostitutes who has a  pimp, a famous doctor has sex with his young patients, a headmaster has his eyes on the students (well you know what I mean), a noblewoman organizes orgies in her villa, the local convent is run by a dyke and her actual girlfriend poses for a hardcore magazine. He wants everything to come out in the open but his superiors try to slowing him down.

Nice little town there would you say. This is well filmed and has humor in it but done in a nicest way possible. The commissaire is going a little nuts of what he is discovering. But his superiors do not want him to do anything about it it is fine the way it is for them. You se the commissaire gets letters from the guilty parties who tells them this is going on at that  house. He is trying to do a dossier about it and give it to his superior but he knows too well that nothing tis going to be done. I love this film the fact that it is done nicely with some great dialogue and smart remarks to go with it. The fact that is is film in italic back in the late 60’s with this cool music to go with it you will have a good time -watching it.

il commissario pepe-3

il commissario pepe-2


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One thought on “IL COMMISSARIO PEPE (1969)

  1. Wow! Sounds interesting!! I will look for it!!! –Paul


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