les inocentes-3

A film by Anne Fontaine

Cast: Lou de Laâge, Agata Buzek, Agata Kulesza

English: The Innocents.

The reality is sometimes so horrible, atrocious, unbelievable, and the human being capable of such  horrors, at a time of war, it is just enough to be inspired to write a screenplay. No need to imagine stories, just imagine the following. This is done two young screenwriters, Sabrina B.Karine and Alice Vial of Philippe Maynial, who told them about his aunt Madeleine Pauliac. He did not know her because she died at the end of the second world war, but she left a diary, in which she tells the story she lived in a convent by Polish sisters,  the innocents.

Okay I know some of you is going to say a film about sisters in a convent what? no gun fight no explosions, not even a car chase, I am not going to see that movie. Did I say the horror at a time of war and it is inspired by a true story. Now that I have your attention let’s get on with it.

les innocentes

Okay is is the reality of it Russian soldiers came it the convent and raped the sisters after the act the killed some of them. But Anne Fontaine here was interested about the human relations. Of course it is a question of spirituality, faith, and obscurantism, but also about the woman their femininity , their bodies, maternity, doubts, Transgression, tolerance and humanity. The film focusses on the meeting between Mathilde / Lou de Laage, inspired by the life of Madeleine, and Benedictine. Gradually they becomes to form a bond between them. Mathilde will bring comfort to them as they slowly will trust each other. The meeting of these two types of lives is fascinating. On one side a young woman doctor communist, atheist, modern, which is free from constraints in a man’s world,  uninhibited and happy with her body. And the other sisters who have made a vow of chastity, who are married to God, and find themselves in an unusual traumatic situation. Anne Fontaine is demonstrate the personal transformation of Mathilde as well as the sisters along with the mother superior who dos not known what to do with a child nor a less what is going on with her body. Lou de Laâge has impressed us with the film of Melanie Laurent Respire a different role here as impressed me with this role as she incarnated Mathilde perfectly well as well as the actresses from Poland Agata Buzek and Agata Zulesza. The innocents is a beautiful and touching film that’ll grab you by the throat forever!

les innocentes-2


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