EL CLAN (2015)

el clan

A film by Pablo Trapero

Cast: Antonia Bengoechea, Gastón Cocchiarale, Guillermo Francella 

English: The Clan

When General Leopoldo Galtieri launched Operation Rosario which failed, included defeat and humiliation in the Falklands (or Malvinas) in 1982, it would be the end of his dictatorship and the tentative return of democracy to Argentina.

This is were this story takes place in 1982 and yes it is based on a true story.Young rugby player Alex Puccio (Peter Lanzani) politics is not his thing but rugby is and he loves it. He goes out with his friends and his fans adore him. He lives in a traditional middle-class household in a nice suburb of Buenos Aires.His sisters help each other with their homework; his young brother Guillermo (Franco Masini) obviously adores him; his mother Epifanía (Lili Popovich) teaches at the local school, and the head of the family is Arquímedes (Guillermo Francella), a white-haired man. Arquimedes own a sport store next to his home. He is doing well and business is booming. But Arquimedes needed a little more money well I guess for his 401k plan. So you hear occasional noise like scream in the basement cover sometimes by loud music. Arquímedes, with the help of his son and the connivance of the family, kidnaps people. He then gets the ransom kills them and moves on to the next victim. They are usually wealthy.


Here is the thing the kidnapping is a tension builder but instead of having normal music Trapero uses pop song. Although the family knows what is going on some of them are not comfortable with it. It creates a tense atmosphere where it is going to feel uncomfortable.  It is hard to believe that a family went through with it. The ending is near perfect in this film Neo-Noir of course with a pop tune to go along with it. Put that on your list.


Yes we do believe in god although the devil made me do it.


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