A film by Antoine Cuypers

Cast: Ariane Labed, Nathalie Baye, Julien Baumgartner

A beautiful summer evening is going to start. The father is preparing the BBQ, the son in-laws brought a case a wine (I love this guy already trust me they are going to need it), the mother is busy in the kitchen helping her is her daughter and daughter in law while her grand son is helping with the fire wood and someone has a good news to announce .  Everyone seems delighted to find each other when, on the terrace, Cedric appears, certainly the adult son but who still lives at home. Instantly the uneasiness  settles, everyone welcomes him with annoyance and suspicion by trying to be natural. But the young man seems shy and introverted seems  in a state of panic when he sees his sister.


The tension and the uneasiness start to increase as the camera focuses on the faces gradually reveals the anguish that is taking place between the son his family.Tension mounts, punctuated by music like someone is trying to play cello nervously and the string are getting to break. It is like there is a crime and you don’t even know who are the guilty party of the guilty one. It is like a whodunit around at the diner table. Between false leads and uncomfortable scenes, the director maintains discomfort like a master with elegance. The character cedric is going to expose at any minute he is like a time bomb that is going to explode. Thomas Blanchard who plays cedric has done an outstanding job here. Nathalie Baye is outdone herself here smart move from the director who hired a hell of the cast here where their performances shine. And yes they was wine drinking in this film because like I said those character are going to need it. I am going to hit the bolt myself after this review. Au revoir.



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