peur de rien_2

A film by Danielle Arbid

Cast: Manal Issa, Vincent Lacoste, Paul Hamy

English: Afraid of nothing

The 90’s Lina, 18, arrives in Paris to study. She looks for what never found in Lebanon, where she is from, a certain form of freedom.   She lives with her aunt. Her aunt’s husband  makes a pass at her so she leaves the suburb to go to paris and goes on survival mode Because at 18, you dream to embrace the world and not just one boy …

peur de rien

If the director denies having shot an autobiographical movie, there are still her vision of France: a subversive France, a France full of diversities, a France who has freedom.  The film  carries us to the  journey of the heart of the 90s This film about integration and immigration, directed by an immigrant, just makes us feel good. Lina’s story is  marked by tragedy, though, as help comes relatively easily with a job, shelter, a boyfriend or boyfriends , and confidence starts to build up. You will follow the life of Lina as she will make mistakes along the way as well as the tension that runs through out the film. Danielle Arbid keeps the shot tight as she shows a sense of realism inner film. You will see the arrogance and the naivety of Lina that will surfaced within herself. She does not mire in her misfortune nor does she sorrow in it. She just get up and starts over again trying not to make the same mistake as last time. She is fearless in that way. Well there you have it.



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