Je ne suis pas un salaud

A  film by Emmanuel Finkiel

Cast: Nicolas Duvauchelle, Mélanie Thierry, Driss Ramdi

English title: A decent man 

Okay I think the tile is going to be a decent man but the traduction is really I am not a bastard.

Having just been injured in a mugging, Eddy (Nicolas Duvauchelle) earned the sympathy and attention of his  family and gotten back on his feet. The same cannot be said for Ahmed whose life starts falling apart after he is accused of the crime.

Je ne suis pas un salaud-3

Here Finkiel dive in the daily life of this couple who at first is separated get back together because of the aggression. It is an Urban film with full of emotions ,jealousy with a brilliant opening scene served with irony. Here is a man who messed up his family life you do not know too much about it, he is trying to get back on his feet even his wife vouch for him where she works. Eddy is getting frustrated with the job he wants to get promoted to the sales floor as a sales person. Not only that he points out in a line up who is the man who has attacked him. The tension mounts up where Eddie is ready to blow up. Here are two-man one who is accused of the crime and his life takes a turn to the worst which the other man who’s life is going nowhere suddenly gets a boost but pressure gets to be too much. Duvauchelle is on top of his game here as well is Melanie Thierry who is brilliant here. The music is perfect feels like a tone of anxiety in it.

Finkiel uses drama for a  paranoid thriller which has social malaise that leads gradually to the character of Nicolas Duvauchelle, broken personality, alcoholic, but also missed understood  hero , which he will be the victim of a violent assault. A drama where the tension and  the uneasiness will gradually rise up. Finial could end up the film 7 minutes earlier but went out a step further where he did not need too. But seriously so what it is still a great film.

Je ne suis pas un salaud-2


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