UP IN SMOKE (1978)

up in smoke

A film by Lou Adler, Tommy Chong

Cast: Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Strother Martin

Two men wanting to be in a band meet up on the road and unite to try to put a group together. Along the way they are trying to stay constantly stoned and sometimes they have to go through quite a bit of trouble just to get high.

Here is two dudes who were comedians and got to try to do a film based on their comedy. And did they succeed in the first one big time. I saw that when I first came to the US and it is hilarious as hell. Mike Meyers tried the same formula but differently and it worked as well in Wayne’s World not only it has become a cult but a classic at that. It is hilarious as hell being two dude getting high and trying to stay high but they have trouble staying high plus they are doing stupid stuff as well. Back in the day Cheech and Chong has sold tons of records and their shows was booked solid so to bank on it more they make a film. Yes a road trip, but a drug trip; or a staying high trip kind of movie. Of course there are women in the mix, what is a drug film without naked woman running around. In this film you will have Cheech’s panic attack, the Ajax lady, the glass of vodka or Chong’s leg cramp and the list goes on. So it did not surprise me that this on was going to be a cult classic. Here is a little facts for you the car  that Chong drives at the beginning of the movie is actually owned by Jack Nicholson. The girls that Cheech tries to pick up before he first picks up Chong are actually the daughters of one of the associate producers and I bet she worked for cheap.The snorting by “The Ajax Lady” was accomplished by a tube hidden in her hand that led to a vacuum cleaner. There you go a fun film where you do not have to think much just have a good time and be sure to roll a joint and have a beer while watching it but I did not say that.

up in smoke-2

up in smoke-3


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One thought on “UP IN SMOKE (1978)

  1. I had no idea Lou Adler directed this 🙂 awesome! I think he still goes to all the Los Angeles Lakers games. Interesting dude! –Paul

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