A kind of loving (1962)

a kind od loving

A film by John Schlesinger

Cast: Alan Bates, June Ritchie, Thora Hird

Director John Schlesinger’s gifted 1962 film is  adapted by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse from Stan Barstow’s popular novel. Alan Bates stars as Vic Brown, a British Northern draughtsman in a Manchester factory who sleeps with a co-worker, a typist called Ingrid Rothwell (June Ritchie). It does not progress as  love affair but when Ingrid is pregnant, they get married to make a go of it. The chaos soon follows them.


Here is a terrific little film from the UK from the British New Wave Cinema that we know so little about. Also here Schlesinger manages to avoid the clichés  and brings a warmth and sly humour to his film. This film is a moving portrait of the bumps on the road in a relationship. Here are two people who did even fell in love well Vic anyway but when she gets pregnant, he marries her. Well back in the day that was the thing to do, even though in the US they get married because they say it is the right thing to do. I hate to break it to you but in France even Europe now days 2 out of 8 people will get married for the most part they live together. So when Vic marries her he found out that he lost his freedom, for a young lad losing his freedom is not what you want. He does not seems to understand that he has responsibilities. I think women settle in quicker than men in the relationship, men tend to take a little time to get used to it. Although The hormones of a man kicks in at an early age unless like the woman her sexuality will peak at 30 or some years. I know what the hell. Terrific performances here and a perfect adaptation from the novel. It is in black and white with some great cinematography to go with it. The pressure and the tension is rising in this film that you can cut it with a knife. it is a trilogy John Schlesinger has followed it up by Billy the liar and Darling which I will review soon. Trust me they are great films. I saw all three.

a kind od loving-2


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