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Biily liar-3

A film by John Schlesinger

Cast: Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie, Wilfred Pickles

Billy Fisher (Tom Courtenay) has ignorant parents and has a job at a funeral home. But Billy has a problem he lives in his fantasy world. Plus he jungles two fiancées pilfering promotional calendars from the office and embroidering wild tales about his family circumstances. He fancies himself a writer and pretends that he has been offered a job writing gags for a television personality Danny Boon.

Billy Liar is adapted from the book based on Mr. Waterhouse which has been turned into  a play. It is a satire of a society caught between its old ways and the urge to modernize. Around Billy there are building that is been destroy and new one are being build. It is a brilliant smart comedy that has a poignant study of indecision. You see billy is in is own world fantasizing about stuff about the war, about getting a better job, and so on his friends has no idea that he is full of steam. Suddenly there is an offer that float around of freedom offer by a girl named Liz (Julie Christie) a girl who, in Billy’s  description: “Goes where she feels like. She has a free spirit within her and is comfortable with herself. Great performances by all the actors and again one great film that is pure joy to watch.

billy liar





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