DARLING (1965)


A film by John Schlesinger

Cast: Julie Christie, Dirk Bogarde, Laurence Harvey

A beautiful model sleeps her way to the top of the fashion model in London and becomes  an Italian princess / bored housewife.

This is a breakthrough film depicting what a female with a fairy tale-like upbringing experiences when she gets into the real world. Julie Christie is magnificent as the free-spirited, swinging role model for women everywhere, well sort of speak. Back in the day a film was never done like this. Here is a woman model who has men at her feet with promises of wealth. It is a world of glamour for her and she jumps from one relationship to an other without giving to much thought. Of course there is a twist in the story where she realized she should of stayed with this ld flame. She has cheated even on her husband . But still she manages to get back on her feet and get remarried to an Italian prince. But then bored out of her mind she wonders am I in love?

Darling 1965

This film takes place in London in the swinging sixties god do I love this era. Someone has invented the pill and women went wild the sexual revolution took off. It is a piece of art and a classic by Schlesinger which he puts Christie for the lead role where she played the part perfectly well. If there is any downside to Darling, it’s that there’s ultimately nobody on screen worthy of our sympathy. There you have it the last film of this Trilogy from John Schlesinger.



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