A film by  Dominik Moll

Cast: François Damiens, Vincent Macaigne, Veerle Baetens

English title: News from the planet mars

For director Dominik Moll and his lead star, Francois Damiens, News From Planet Mars marks a glorious return to the world off beat comedy.

Philippe Mars, divorced computer engineer, trying somehow to lead a quiet life, between a schoolboy son suddenly become vegetarian, a high school girl obsessed with success, a painter sister who paints real bad painting and an ex-wife who is a reporter on  TV … the accidental burst of Jerome, a slightly disturbed colleague succeeds in transforming her life into chaos. But in a world that has gone mad, is madness really so bad counselor?


Damiens plays Philippe Mars who lives a boring life work, eat, sleep, until he spends some time with his colleague, Jerome (Vincent Macaigne) who has a nervous breakdown at work, accidentally sliced off Philippe’s left ear, and then  escapes from a mental institution. Jerome finds himself knocking on Philippe’s door Jerome invites Chloe (Veerle Baetens) round for dinner well all hell breaks loose. Philippe has his two teenager kids with him which his daughter thinks he is a loser, When Jerome enters his life, Phillips realizes that is life is going to change for the better or worse. Dominik Moll here does what he does best an off beat comedy and has shown a talent for blending naturalism and overstated frivolity. To a certain extend it feels sometimes like a Seinfeld episode. And trust me when  I say that do not miss this one.


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2 thoughts on “DES NOUVELLES DE LA PLANÈTE MARS (2016)

  1. I will see ANY film with Francois Damiens. His animated facial expressions alone make me laugh and endear me to him. I’m sure this won’t hit the states so it’s on my “to buy” list when I return to France in a few months!!


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