A film by Lucien Jean-Baptiste

Cast: Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Baptiste Lecaplain, Delphine Théodore

Just release from prison, Dieumerci, 44, decided to change life and follow his dream: becoming an actor. To get there, he enrolled in theatre courses funded by interim jobs. And yes there is more. In order to get in the university you have to pass a contest and be able to paid the tuition. He is not yet out of the woods, that he has a partner who is the opposite of him, he welcomes him in this one bedroom at the hotel where he reside for the time being. In between the reversals  and the arguments they finally like each other to reach the stars.


Ok this comedy is a little bit moving, fun to watch here is a black man who is out of jail and wants to realize his childhood dream. But there are some obstacles the usual suspect. First he his a black man (You know the story there already) and a black man playing romeo yeah that is gong to happen. To top it all off he is paired with a goofball who is 22 years old wants to act but cannot get there. Lucien Jean-Baptiste uses humor that makes it a comedy rich of humanity. Delphine Theodore steal the show here playing the secretary the one that make sure that everyone has paid their tuition. Inspired by is own autobiography Lucien Jean-Baptiste delivers a rich comedy that will go from laughter to some tears, a comedy of life the one where we will laugh but we’ll keep us from crying. Can we change the negative to a positive? The answer lies in the words of the song Brel “The Quest” which closes this film.



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