A film by Peter Landesman

Cast: Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, Albert Brooks 

Mike Webster (David Morse) at his Pro Football Hall of Fame  speech in 1997 where he states it is “the greatest thing to have the opportunity to work with people with a common goal, a single purpose” who are willing to make sacrifices. Webster played first for the Pittsburgh Steelers (1974-1988) and then for the Kansas City Chiefs (1989-1990). When he retired, he had played for four Super Bowl winning teams. Before his death, according to the movie, he sold those rings and was living in a truck, getting high on Super Glue. In 2002 when he died his corpse was on the table of Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith), a forensic pathologist in Pittsburgh by pure luck. Omalu is from Nigeria, he has eight advanced degrees and certifications.

Omalu knows nothing of football, he does not watch the games. Omalu speaks to the dead, asking “Please help me find out how this happened to you.” Webster is diagnosed with premature Alzheimer’s at 50. “ But Omalu does not buy it so he does more research and find that webster has a schronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Is when the brain is banged to many times on the field even with the helmet does not protect them fully. Plus later on cases are piling up more are dead most of suicide.  Omalu’s position is supported by former NFL doctor, Dr. Julian Bailes (Alec Baldwin). But the NFL does not believe him they want proof.


Here is a terrific film where a single man is trying to defend his theory against the NFL. You see the NFL is a business it make millions of dollars and telling them that their players are later dying of CTE no one is going to play football none of less that the NFL will loose money. Money talks bull shit walks is the old saying. Of course he gets the death threats. Also the city of Pittsburgh, football is placed on a pedestal. Smith has said that he loves football and his son plays football, but he wasn’t aware of the dangers. Terrific film here where I too was not aware of the danger of playing football. I only played soccer anyway.



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