Au nom de ma fille

A film by Vincent Garenq

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Sebastian Koch, Marie-Josée Croze

English title: In the name of my daughter. 

On 10 July 1982 André Bamberski learns the death of his daughter, Kalinka. She was 14 and spent her holidays in Germany with his mother and step-father, Dr Krombach. Quickly, the circumstances of his death appear suspicious. The attitude of Dieter Krombach and a disturbing autopsy leave many questions unanswered. Quickly convinced of the guilt of Krombach, André Bamberski launches his own fight. For some 35 years he even become obsessed with it.

Garenq never ceases to address the malfunctioning of the French justice and even European here.With  precision, he lingers to describe the transformation of each of the protagonists as and the progress of events. It all started in 1974 in Morocco where united and happy lives this French family. The father, André Bamberski, is a happy  man, sure of himself. Yet you sense that he is a little uptight. His daughter was friends with a child of his age, whose father was a German doctor who is charming and nice. Every one is happy and everything goes well. But one day Bamberski founds out that his wife is having an affair with Dieter Krombach. The two divorced and soon after that he learns that his daughter is dead while on vacation.


Here is the fight for some 30 years or so of this man who is trying to find peace within himself for the suspicious death of his daughter. He becomes obsessed with it to the point he is neglecting his girlfriend even his practice as a lawyer.Vincent Garenq the opportunity to scratch the judicial complicity between France and Germany. The thing is there are too many problem and not enough evidence to nail Dr Krombach too much running around in between both side. There is not a perfect court system here as Garenq show us here. This film is an achievement where the actors are convincing in their role and we can follow easily the events that we can’t hardly ignore.



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2 thoughts on “AU NOM DE MA FILLE (2016)

  1. Argggghhh! I am in love with Daniel Auteuil. Seriously. When I heard he had an apartment on Place Dauphine I would find excuses to sit on a bench all day just to try to catch a glimpse of him. I never have! But I love him as an actor and director. This looks like a great film and hopefully it’ll be out on DVD when we go to France this summer because I KNOW it won’t come to Philadelphia.

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    • I was walking in St. Germain des press I pass by a bistro an Daniel Auteuil was there sitting and talking to some guy they were have a beer. That was cool. I do not think in lives on Place Dauphine I think is on the island St louis.


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