Midnight special-2

A film by Jeff Nichols

Cast: Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst

Here is the thing here you have a film writing by Jeff Nichols who to me rewrote the story of Close Encounters of the third kind. I said rewrote not a reboot, not a remake. The film opens as a child abduction and end with a spectacular Sci-fi finale. When M. Night Shyamalan came on the scene he started doing great film like the sixth sense, Unbreakable, later in his career he started to seek, but now we have Nichols who has a fertile imagination here and wrote this beautiful story about a kid who has powers and the relationship with his father and later his mother. In the mix there is kind of a cult and some bad people who wants the kid back to the ranch as they call it (the cult) add to that the FBI is on the trail also.

Midnight special

Here the director  who does not explain everything, he does not have too, he  uses his imagination. Nichols keeps up in the dark for the most part of the film. Plus you get to see a classic 1972 Chevelle whose rumbling motor makes your insides vibrate, while composer David Wingo amplifies our sense of uneasiness follows but the agitated score. The thing is also as the film goes on you begin to think who is Alton the little boy and what is he capable of doing or is he going to die if they don’t reach their destination. What makes Midnight Special such a fascinating ride, holding our interest while Nichols refuses to adapt Hollywood mode pacing thriller. And now I hope he keeps going on this unconventional road.

Midnight special-3


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