CALMOS (1976)



A film by Bertrand Blier

Cast: Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean Rochefort, Bernard Blier

Paul Dufour (Jean-Pierre Marielle) as a jaded gynecologist and Albert (Jean Rochefort) as an irresistible Pimp  who is his companion are trying to get out off their sexual duties to find peace and quiet in the country side.

But instead they meet a clergy and a priest who gets them  to loaf, to eat, drink, cook, plus the clergy meets a boy who is tries to counsel him about the consequences of sex. To top it all off still there are women who are still after them. Yes it is a Off beat kind off fantasy comedy with they are pursued by a uniformed army of lubricious women, the pair are taken prisoner and turned into scientifically monitored studs. This comedy is sexually graphic, foul-mouthed, intermittently funny, Hundred of naked woman, witty enough nor strong enough to override the current of social history. Plus there his a lot of eating great food and drinking wine. The two things that I love. This truly a comedy like you never seen it before and I love the ending.





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3 thoughts on “CALMOS (1976)

  1. O.M.F.G!! I cannot believe you posted this! Calmos is one of my favorite French films ever !! John Rochefort is good friends with my better half’s family. I was talking to him at a family funeral in Paris back in October. First of all, he was delighted that I, an American, even saw the movie let alone loved it! Then he proceeded to tell me the film caused quite a stir when it was released! lol-He kissed my hand because he was so happy I loved the movie💖💖

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  2. I just saw it this week end. Awesome film. A little weird but I love it some one has used his imagination.


  3. Cool review! I didn’t know about this one. I love Les Valseuses (Going Places) by Bertrand Blier. Brilliant film! I hope I can find this one too 🙂 –Paul

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