Vivre sa vie

A film by Jean-Luc Godard

Cast: Anna Karina, Sady Rebbot, André S. Labarthe

English title: My life to live. 

I put this one in my category of great film because it is. New wave cinema what a great time for film maker. Here is the sad thing about cinema, art film are out,Self-conscious films are out, film that tis the edge of cinema are out, today it is all about getting a mass off people into the movie theater. Most film now day is done on the formula  mode, it is the same formula manipulated many times and yet they are awarded for that. There are not too many directors that take a chance on being creative. and that is a shame there.

Now the film, Nana (Anna Karina) has porcelain skin, her wary eyes, her helmet of shiny black hair, her chic outfits, always smoking, hiding her feelings, she is a young woman of Paris. Goddard shot her in a close up like in a mug shot so you can see her face expression but yet she reveals nothing willingly.Each shot begins with Michel Legrand music, which stops abruptly, which an other shot begins. The music tries to explain but it fails. In the next shot we learn that she broke up with her husband and leaves her child with him but has so kind of plan for herself. Pay attention how Goddard shot the film he always shoot it in an unconventional way.The movie is in 12 sections, each one with titles like an old-fashioned novel. It is the life of a Parisian woman and her slow descent into prostitution , basically in 12 chapters. Godard said he shot the film in sequence. It is an art raw, unsentimental,  and abrupt. It is her life to live.

vivre sa vie-2



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2 thoughts on “VIVRE SA VIE: UN FILM EN DOUZE TABLEAU (1962)

  1. Great review, my friend 🙂 This is my favorite Godard movie! (Although his Histoire(s) du cinéma is even more favorite…but it is more like a documentary). You did a great job writing about it! Merci,


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  2. Is now my favorite too it is the first time that I saw it. De rien (You’re welcome)


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