arsene lupin

A film by Jacques Becker

Cast: Robert Lamoureux, Liselotte Pulver, O.E. Hasse

English: The adventure of Arsène Lupin 

Here is a Jaques Beker film: Arsène Lupin who is the suave gentlemen but a thieves well a burglar who is a modern day Robin Hood, he is also a friend of the rich I know ironic. He lives in a mansion in the country in France and has a wallet. He has many disguises which bring me to say that he is a connoisseur of fine art.

First I have to say that Robert Lamoureux is perfect for the role, mischievous, friendly, seductive, cunning, elegant, sparkling eye and very credible in the famous burglaries that have made the reputation of the famous Arsene Lupin. Of course the film is amusing as well as elegant, stylized, beautifully set and he has any kind of relationship with women, and it is when he seems to fall for one that he is at his most vulnerable. He has no identity of his own, he goes by several names. The thing is with Lupin is that he is having fun at all time. It is a light comedy crime caper film sort of speak but I guaranty you that you will have a good time.

Arsene lupin-2



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3 thoughts on “LES ADVENTURES D’ARSÈNE LUPIN (1957)

  1. Signé Arsène Lupin, the 1959 follow up was written and directed by my better half’s uncle, Yves Robert. In fact, the gut in the top photo, far right, with the ‘stache, looks an awful lot like Yves!!!!

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  2. I love Becker! Casque d’or is one of my favorites!!! Nice job my friend! –Paul

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