cinema pardiso

A film by Giuseppe Tornatore

Cast: Philippe Noiret, Enzo Cannavale, Antonella Attili

Cinema Paradiso has won a multitude of awards and yes they have won at the oscar for best foreign film. Now there is two version of the film the theater’s cut and the director’s cut I recommend you to see the director’s cut because the theater’s cut it is missing 50 minutes of film. I know they do that, it is the best 100 film of all time. So if you missed this one I suggest to see it as soon as possible.

The film has two main characters: old Alfredo (Philippe Noiret), who rules the projection booth, and young Salvatore (Salvatore Cascio), who makes the booth his home away from  home.As the patrons line up faithfully, night after night, for their hunger for films without kisses, (well you will have to see the film) the boy watches in wonder as Alfredo wrestles with the balky machine that throws the image that the boy dreams of. You see the movie takes places in a little town in Sicily before television. At first Alfredo tries to chase Salvatore away, but eventually he accepts him in his booth and teaches him how to work the machine eventually although Salvator knows how as he was watching Alfredo doing it. Salvatore certainly considers the old man his father, and  the movies as his mother. Tornatore tells us in an autobiographical note that the theater in his hometown, when he was growing up has a variety of film. Although in the film they were watching all kind of film to foreign film even hollywood movies. We become to know the patrons of the theater who are rude and tough critics. Romances are taking place in the theater, wine is drunk, cigarettes smoked, babies nursed, well you get the point. and yet they were not allowed to watch kissing on screen.

cicma paradiso-2


The film is told in flash back . to the beginning where Salvatore was a child then a teenager and a young man. we see him growing up and falling in love. Salvatore has lived a deprived life but the screen can compensate for that but Salvatore was an apprentice of film.Yes, it is tragic that the big screen has been replaced by the little one. But here in France anyway people goes to the movie theater actually they are building more The are called UGC and there are also Gaumont plus the little theater privately own. I have the UGC MK2 unlimited card to watch films for $24 a month. Yeah  I know lucky. I prefer the big theater than the privately own were there seat at least 70 people. This is a great film and if you are a film buff this one should be on your list. The ending is too dam good. This is the first time I saw this film and I am going to see it again soon.



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One thought on “CINEMA PARADISO (1988)

  1. One of my favorites of all time!!! The music by Ennio Morricone really makes it a beautiful film too! Great review 🙂 –Paul


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