FIVE (2016)


A film by Igor Gotesman

Cast: Pierre Niney, François Civil, Igor Gotesman

Five childhood friends always dreamed of being roommate in this apartment in Paris. When the opportunity strike Julia, Vadim, Nestor and Timothy did not hesitate a single second, especially when Samuel proposes to pay half the rent by himself. Hardly installed, and the problems are going to surface.

Here are five friends who doe not want to be adult, and are not in a hurry to be adult either.  The five of them have this strong bond. So they rent an apartment in Paris and Samuel pay for the other half of the rent. But soon Problem are going to rise. Well Samuel is not going to get along with his dad so he gets cut off from his trust fund. With no money what he is going to do? It is a bit predictable with the jokes that is going to be thrown in your face but it is hilarious as hell at times and it works here. When you get into the life of crime you can expect one thing shit happens and reality bites. Here Igor Gotesman who is a writer turn director and actor who is doing a fine job at directing this film with some stylise visual. Here is a comedy where you are not going to think to much but you will laugh which you will be entertained. Yes I know it is an english title as I say we speak Frenglis in my country .

Five _3



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