medecin de campagne

A film by Thomas Lilti

Cast: François Cluzet, Marianne Denicourt, Christophe Odent

English tile: Irreplaceable .

The translation from the tile is really country doctor. Doctor-turned-director Thomas Lilti seems to be leading a one-man cinematic campaign highlighting the threats facing the French health system, basically there are many problems. Yes we do have doctors but no doctor wants to go to the country to practice there because it is a 24/7 job. Most doctor are either in Paris or on the French riviera.

Lilti here does this story of a doctor in the country who is dealt a can and bad worm and instead of seeing the life of the doctor and what he does day in and day out, he introduces a character a newcomer who is going to learn the rope and replace the doctor. Lilti avoids sugar-coating the reality of the job, long hours on the road and in the office. The doctor is so busy at time that he has no attachment romantically to anyone. Lilti cast the talented actor François Cluzet with the other talented actor Marianne Denicourt,the two has chemistry and work well together. Marianne plays Natalie who has trouble with the patients were they are reluctant to see her because they are so used to see Jean-Pierre Werner. The film has a human touch here with some patient who needs extra care and attention plus there is a little recreation where the town is country dancing a nice touch here. Well worth a look here with some down light comedy entertainment. As Lilti said in an interview if one dude after seeing the film decide to be a doctor in the country well he said I did my job.

medecin de campagne -3

medecin de campagne -2



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