A monster with a thousand heads

A film by Rodrigo Plá

Cast: Jana Raluy, Sebastián Aguirre, Hugo Albores

The new film by Rodrigo Plá is a very angry film. It looks like the insurance company in Mexico works about the same way that the one in the US. There is bureaucracy of course a bunch of red tape to go with it  which is going to be followed by rage. If you are not satisfied with your primary physician it is a simple as filling a form and voila you have a new physician.

a monster with a thousand heads-2

But Sonia Bonet (Jana Raluy) needs a signature. First, she needs one from her doctor.But he blows her off and she gets pissed off following him with her son to his house where she takes him hostage and try to get him to sign. This leads her to a more violent confrontation at the club  to be chain up with with some high ranking official from the insurance company later. The frustration of this woman that becomes rage is terrifying with some dark  humor into it.  Jana Rally fills the screen with admirable presence in this film. She allows us to understand the dark logic under most of her outwardly irrational decisions. The thing is with the insurance company everybody at some point or an other is fed up with them and at some point desperate people with do desperate things for their spouse. It is a film with some interesting shot here, with some voice over of the trial as the action continues. Remember the film John Q (2002) that is the american version but Rodrigo Plá is  as original as he can be with the story adapted by Laura Santullo from her own novel which he slightly tweak it. Plá shot it with very creative angles.  Plá sets out to make this controversial film at its purest form , not a commercialized movie. And it shows.

a monster with a thousand heads-3



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