El mercenario

A film by Sergio Corbucci

Cast: Franco Nero, Tony Musante, Franco Giacobini, Jack Palance

The year is 1915 and the story of The Mercenary takes place in the middle of the Mexican revolution. Paco (Tony Musante), is disguised as a clown as he performs for an audience, that is the opening shot soon to be narrated and to takes us back on how Paco got here. Jaco works at the mine where they are all miss treated and fed poorly. Soon after that Paco and his comrades wants to over town the government. Enters  a Polish gunfighter (Franco Nero) that Paco hires to help him in his quest.  Along the way Paco clashes with Ricciolo (Jack Palance), who wants his revenge against Paco.

Corbucci directed several Spaghetti Westerns, like The Great Silence, Compañeros and The Mercenary. Ennio Morricone would compose 7 Spaghetti Western scores for Corbucci. And yes there is gun fight, bar fight, machine gun fight, a airplane, and cars plus a lot of explosion the thing that would expect in a spaghetti western. Be sure that Tarantino was influence by this film. And to top it all off there is comedy and one liner plus the actors delivers their roles perfectly well. Have fun with this one.

el mercenerio2




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