THE PARTY (1968)

the party

A film by Blake Edwards

Cast: Peter Sellers, Claudine Longet, Natalia Borisova 

Let Peter Sellers be Peter Seller but than it was a little different. It is a simple story an indian actors get invited to a party by mistake.

You guessed it Peters Sellers  (Hrundi V. Bakshi) plays the indian dude who is filming his new film production Son of Gunga Din. And yes there are a few incidents on the the sets due that Bakshi is a little clumsy, well a little is an under statement. Now by mistake he gets invited to a party in the home of a Hollywood studio chief. if you have not guessed it and I know you have ,there will be a series of incidents. Edwards starts it low key with some jazz music while everyone nods politely and Sellers’ shoe floats over the waterfall in the living room.The insanity gradually escalates, which is going to bring are two birds together. For the first two-thirds of the movie the events remain painfully close to life. But towards the end Edwards like most directors can not resist to make a grand finally complete with an elephant in the pool and bubble bath. What I did not know is that the French actress Claudine longet is in this film. And her english is perfect with no accent. She is a joy to watch, of course she is aging well.  You see at UGC movie theater in Paris there is cult Thursday movie so I am going to starts this new category cult films. And yes I saw this one on the big screen.




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