A film by Jean-Marc Vallée

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper

An investment banker struggles after losing his wife in a tragic car crash, he remains emotionless about it. He writes a series of confessional letters to a vending machine company catch the attention of a customer service rep to which he is going to form an unusual relationship.

The story feels off beat right from the start when Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal) gets some M&M after his wife died, the candy doe not dispense so Davis sent Davis begins writing long, detailed letters to the machine’s customer service rep, pothead single mom Karen (Naomi Watts). They form an unlikely relationship which in the process meet her adolescent son who is trying to find himself. The thing is here Davis is feeling nothing and is emotionless about it. He does not even miss her. He is self absorb into his work does not pay attention to her much. Some people cannot live in the house after their spouse has died but her Davis is feeling nothing for him in order to move on he has to demolish in order to rebuild.  When he meets the adolescent looks that they need each other. Davis needed to take things apart and to smash them up in order to feel alive and to move on so he can reconstruct his life, a life without a wife. He is turning the page some people deal differently. Gyllenhaal’s performance is to outstanding as well as the rest of the cast, a nice touch when the kid tell him to be at this place at 11 o’clock. Some of you might not like this film but for me it is an unusual film with some creativity behind it.




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